Dr. Juan Carlos Maldonado

Experience in hair transplant since 1998

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Robotic Technology

Applied to the Hair Transplant Procedure

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3D Simulator – Hair Studio

The ARTAS Hair Studio ™ is a planning tool that assists the doctor in the design phase of the hair restoration procedure . This application allows the doctor to generate a 3-dimensional model of the patient’s head and create a surgical plan.See Moore

Robotic Hair transplant

The Robotic Hair Transplant does not in any way replace the surgeon’s experience, however power their skills in terms of accuracy. Fatigue and the limitations of the human eye are major causes of transection ( section or damage at the time of extraction of the follicular unit donor) , the precision of the robot in this area is unmatched in human terms. ” See Moore

ARTAS ® Procedure

The procedure ARTAS® aims to restore the hair through permanent hair transplant removed from the back or sides of your scalp for subsequent insertion in the least populated areas of the head. See Moore


Results may vary from patient to patient.

Robotic hair transplant produces incredibly natural results, and our patients act as a testament to it.

Follicles are transplanted with a precision only a robot can achieve, in an outpatient procedure that leaves no linear scar.

Most patients go home after the procedure and return to their regular activities within a few days.

After one or two months, the patient will begin to see hair growth. After about six to nine months the patient’s hair will be completely restored.


Our patients experiences.